bilibili live stream guideline for VTuber

part 0: Before the live

Before you start the live broadcast, you must register an account and pass real-name authentication.

If you are our partner, you can skip this step.

part 1: Prepare a live stream in the live broadcast settings

1. Enter the live broadcast settings (开播设置)
2. Select a category (直播分类)
*: VTuber has a unique category, you only need to select the 虚拟主播 option.
3. Enter a title (房间标题), and click save (保存) button.
*: You can type up to 20 characters
4. Select a custom thumbnail (直播封面)
*: ignore the first custom thumbnail, this is the function provided to the webcam liver.
*: click second + to select and upload image.
(format: jpg, png; file size: <2mb; image resolution: 470×293 )
5. Enter tags (我的个人标签)
*: click input element and type your tag, then confirm with the Enter key or by clicking the Add (新增) button.
*: You can add your nickname, the game you are playing, etc. as your live room tags.
6. Enter a description (个人简介), and click save (保存) button.

part 2: Start live

1. Enter the live broadcast settings (开播设置) , Click start live (开始直播)
2. Get your live server address (您的rtmp地址) and stream key (您的直播码)
*: Clicking Copy (复制) will copy the content to the clipboard.
3. Paste your live server address (您的rtmp地址) and stream key (您的直播码)
4. Click Start Streaming

part 3: End the live

1. Click Stop Streaming
2. Enter the live broadcast settings (开播设置) , Click Close live (关闭直播)

part 4: Live content attention

However, bilibili is a website in mainland China, so you need to comply with local laws and community rules. If you violate these rules, bilibili may close the live room or block your account at any time.

  • The following games cannot be broadcast live:
中文游戏名称English game name日本語のゲーム名
僵尸生存大战WithstandZ – Zombie Survival!
求生之路系列Left 4 Dead (All series)
侠盗猎车手系列(GTA)Grand Theft Auto (All series)
血染小镇Paint the Town Red
黎明杀机Dead by Daylight
上古卷轴The Elder Scrolls
幽灵行动Tom clancy’s ghost recon‎
战地4Battlefield 4
如龙系列Yakuza (All series)龍が如く
彩虹六号Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
恶灵附身The Evil Withinサイコブレイク
真人快打Mortal Kombat (All series)
十三号黑色星期五Friday the 13th
Kio的人间冒险Kio’s Adventure
逃生、逃生2Outlast, Outlast 2
战锤:末世鼠疫2Warhammer:Vermintide 2
死亡空间Dead Space
舰队CollectionKantai Collection艦隊これくしょん-艦これ-
钢铁雄心Hearts of Iron (All series)
模拟外科医生Surgeon Simulator 
消逝的光芒Dying Light
心跳文学部Doki Doki Literature Club!
黑暗之魂系列Dark Souls (All series)
最后生还者The Last of Us
闪乱神乐Senran Kagura (All series)閃亂神樂
超杀:行尸走肉OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead
杀戮空间Killing Floor (All series)
恐惧之夜Fear the Night
死或生Dead or Alive (All series)デッド・オア・アライヴ
七日杀7 days to die
审判之眼The Eye of Judgment
古墓丽影9Tomb Raider
  • You can’t display Youtube live chat on your live stream.


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